Shenzhen easy degree of the network technology co., LTD., hereinafter referred to as "easy degree of network", is a company specializing in web development and design. Company set research application, sales and service into an organic whole, with leading design level and technology strength, take the customer as the center, make industry brand, sets up the enterprise image, providing customers with professional website building, website planning, web design, enterprise email, host names, network marketing, VI design, pictorial design, website edition correction, etc. Easy degree of network always take the good faith, pragmatic, innovation and improve the quality of site quality and service, through the leading technology, the research on creative design, the image of the visual transmission, to the customer and the perfect combination of the company, with customers to provide better one-stop Internet solutions, customer word of mouth shape easy degree of the brand, the broad masses of customers hand in hand, common development and progress.

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